About Me

I initially started my career in Sales and Marketing, successfully transitioning from an agent to a Sales Manager. When I was appointed as a Sales Manager for a leading advertising company, my dedication won me the “Letting Agent of the Year” award.

We happen to be the first-ever UK letting agents to do away with tenancy reports, replacing them with a never-before-done deposit replace insurance, which we developed and honed further to include legal assistance and rent guarantee, as well as court and bailiffs’ fees.

A few years after, I was appointed as a Member Board of Trustees for Pinetree Trust where I specialised in training and confidence building, working with businesses and government agencies to foster better business growth.
In early 2017, I was appointed as Chairman for South Shields Conservative Association where I TO ADD.

I was even shortlisted as an MEP candidate for the BREXIT party in the 2019 European elections. I was responsible for Management and Training for the national GE campaign, providing training and support for key target constituencies.

I’ve also served as the Head of Training and Development for the BREXIT party, training and developing Parliamentary candidates.

Prior to that, I was a Co-founder at Rate Your Leader, a global messaging platform responsible for on-boarding verified voters and identifying their elected leaders.

However, one of the most endearing positions I’ve had the pleasure of serving is that of a CEO and Founder for the KIS (Keep it Simple) Group – a group of companies focusing on property investment and development and the same property letting firm which won the Letting Agent of the Year award.

In addition, I’m currently serving as the founder at Dlighted, reforming tenancy deposits in the private rental sector. I founded the insurance backed deposit-free renting scheme to help significantly cut down the fees for tenants who wanted a cost-effective letting solution. I’m also the founder of KIS Group – or the Keep it Simple Group –.

Today I work with businesses as a political commentator, advisor and strategist, helping them form political strategies to stay on top of their game in an ever-changing and unpredictable economic climate.

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Your Political Commentator

I’m an entrepreneur, property and insurance guru, COO and CEO of multiple businesses – and I’m strategically positioned to act as your political commentator to the media and as a business consultant – helping you stay on top of any political issues that are currently affecting or may affect you in future, no matter how large or small your business or the sector you’re in.